Business Development

Personal Development Coaching

Business Development

Work with you through the sales cycle from prospecting to closing.  Generate additional revenues then turn clients into true partners by becoming a trusted advisor.


Pitch Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Business Development

Win more pitches by learning how to quickly identify buyer and influencer types, understand their key motivators and clarify propositions.


Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Working with individuals and teams to change thought processes, clarify true goals and accelerate outcomes to improve performance.

About Us


"I decided to set up SJEB Coaching following successful careers both as a professional sportsman and in various leadership & sales roles in business.  It became really clear that my skills developed within sport were  complimentary to business; allowing me to think differently, get to the root of any problems quickly and identifying solutions that meet well defined goals.  All critical in winning a game (and securing a contract!).

Whilst working in professional services for a Big 4 I became a go-to person for winning work and coaching teams and individuals to do the same.  This is when I realised the satisfaction and achievement I felt at seeing individuals and businesses succeeding, in part, because of the coaching I was providing".  

Simon Brown - Founder, SJEB Coaching


Who we work with & how

SJEB Coaching helps clients of all sizes, from pre-revenue start-ups to well established multi-billion pound turnover businesses.  We will work with you to identify sales opportunities, win business and build trusted relationships with your clients.  

Our hands-on approach offers an opportunity for us to work closely with you to deliver results whilst coaching you and your teams throughout the process to embed learning. 

Our approach is fully flexible and designed to suit each individuals needs.


Why elite sports teams & businesses face similar challenges...

The margins between winning and losing are often so small that the difference between success and failure often depends upon the execution of clear plans and goals. Many successful sports people refer to "being in the zone"  which is described as being unaware of anything other than visualising a successful outcome.  These moments of clarity are rare, however when experienced always result in success.  Businesses and individuals who are able to define clear goals and remain focused are more successful.  This is an area of expertise for SJEB Coaching who will work with you to achieve that success by creating your own "zone".

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We understand that every business has it's own unique challenges and every individual has their own objectives, both personal and career wise.  We'd love to work with you to help your business and the individuals within it succeed.  

Your time is valuable, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.


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